the umbrella principle

Today at lunchtime Clare and I were commenting on what wonderful weather the day had brought, and how just this morning the clouds were grey and dropping big plops of water. We decided that perhaps it was because so many people had seen the impeding bad weather and thus brought an umbrella. Since it never rains when you bring an umbrella, the collective impact of all the Melburian umbrella-bringing was unprecidented sunshine.

We should utilise this principle and all bring umbrellas on important days when you really don't want it to rain, like Cup Day or weddings of well-liked celebrities. Likewise, the farmers can use the idea in reverse and never bring an umbrella anywhere. Maybe they should introduce laws that prohibit umbrella-carrying in times of drought, and when there are floods, make sure that every citizen, no matter what age and how much they like getting wet, brings an umbrella wherever they go. Potential idea for a paper, I think.