Community responses to housing affordability crisis

I think I'd like to write a piece about this. Found out about SHAC - the Student Housing Action Collective. Apparently they've been occupying Melbourne Uni-owned terrace houses for two weeks now. Sounds great, but I don't think I'd like to live there! Anyway, I might go visit and find out more about it. Apparently they have community dinners every Monday from 5:30 til 9. Might go and help cook or something.

Another community response is the houses run by John Williams, who came and spoke to the Street and Hospitality team at Urban Seed yesterday. He rents houses and then sub-leases them to people who would never get a place in the private rental market. He's pretty focussed on community-building activities as well. Might include that in piece as well.

I wonder what other solutions are out there. I wonder whether church-owned property has been used for affordable housing, or whether there are any other housing-co-ops in Melbourne. Will have to do some research and see.