haiku writing

I've been writing some haiku's lately. They're fun to write. There is apparently no consensus on how to write a haiku in English, because the art form is Japanese. The main things they have in common is three lines. Some people say that the first line should have 5 syllables, the second 7, and the third 5 again. I find that helps as a rough guide. But I think the main thing is to have two sections with a 'break' - I've been doing it by starting the thing I'm describing in the first line, with some kind of essential truth or description in the second and third lines. Here's a few I've come up with:

Lemon myrtil tea:
Silence sits in the bottom
Of the pot we shared.

Sound of drilling
Cracks the shining blue sky
That drifts from another world.

Mini skirt:
Thighs wobble -
But she still looks good.