Hopes for 2014

For myself:


That my eyes are opened to the potential that God wants me to know and be. That I have the courage to spread my wings, and the faithfulness to keep on going.

That I have the courage to see and speak truth.

That my love of God and my seeking of the Kingdom of God will override my personal desires for success, achievement, wealth and security.

That God will open my eyes to God’s presence in all places – especially those that are uncomfortable.

That David and I will priorities sharing meal and stories with friends who are experiencing marginalisation.

That our marriage will continue to be one of love, and will serve God and our neighbours.

That there will be healing for my broken family.

That in 2014 I will attend more weddings than funerals.


For this nation:


That we rediscover justice and compassion.

That the fear that drives so much of the injustice dissolves into love.

That we are jolted into compassion for the strangers that come to our shores (because the barometer of a nation’s heart is in the way it treats its strangers).

That there will be justice and reconciliation for and with our first peoples.


For my church:


That our hopes for this nation remain not as idle hopes, but that we will become a prophetic voice – speaking and acting justice and compassion.

That we will become an authentic community of Christ – which loves, challenges and transforms.

That we will be a community anchored in our sacred word and reorientated by the fierce wind of the Holy Spirit, so that we are continually turning around and changing our ways.

That we use our privilege well – remembering that we are to build the Kingdom of God, not the church.

That we will be good, generous and grateful stewards of what we have.

That our radical love for those on the margins, and our thirst for truth and justice, will always come first.

That our community will become a vibrant, loving, compassion and truthful slice of the Kingdom of God.