Long-lost blog comments found

The best thing just happened to me.

I was poking my way around the back end of my blog website, and I found a whole pile of comments awaiting moderation, which I never new existed. It felt like this:











I just thought that nobody ever commented! But I love blog comments (especially the really nice, affirming ones).

Apologies if you thought I was ignoring you. I really wasn't. I was just being oblivious. 

And thanks for your comments - I really really appreciate you engaging with my work! And that applies even when you are providing a critical response, which is equally valid and in fact appreciated, because it means we are having a dialogue (if I see it, that is).

I went through and approved the comments, and even replied to some. If you get a response to a comment you make in November 2011, this is why.

Anyway, thank you. I feel most encouraged.