Thanks for giving me an ego, God

Here’s a funny thought. God created an entire cosmos, and then created me in God’s image.

Is there any wonder that I have a bit of an ego?

As a species, we have an inbuilt drive to create universes: to birth them, to build them, to nurture them, to heal them. And yet, it is this God-given creative impulse that is wound up in our tendency to build universes – empires – that dominate and destroy. In our desire to create, we can forget who created us.

We are at our best when we are co-creators. Good work is spurred on by our inbuilt desire to birth, build, nurture and heal, but is ultimately a partaking in the creative and restorative ways of God. 

It’s a dance between Self and God – refusing to quash Self; submitting my moves to the Dance Partner.